Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

National Zion Board Ministries

Defending the Ancient City of Zion


Nationalzion CEO Dunn Maphalala Mabunda ,Bishop Msauli Natonalzion Secretary Dorra matcikinca.@ centre is ANC National Treasures Tatana Paul Mashatile National zion President Archie Bishop Bakubaku sir Mfundisi Kwazulu babu Shongwe National Zion youth league leader. @King Luthuli house with leaders God bless our South Africa and leadership Amen Bazalwane
Amen Mazion Hallelujah Zion national.south Africa.

The national zion board ministries and ANC they all have same ambitions that is to conquer poverty by creating jobs for everybody in South Africa. We as the youth of south africa we must be inspired by such elders who are paving the way for us, The are also showing us good morals in life which we must relay in future….We as the youth we must teach ourselves necessary surviving skills like manufacturing school uniforms shoes, to promote education (key to success) Animal husbandry should be put into consideration thereby reduces imports we have enough resources.
The ANC Manifesto as a manual must be followed to the tea….. We as National zion we appreciate the ANC hospitality…..MALIBONGWE, AMANDLA….AMEN
story by Makhosini Moyo

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